coach Riko’s cameo in Free makes so much sense

15 Things That Make Me Happy

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1. Butlers (Not butler angst because that hurts.)

2. Thunderstorms during daytime.

3. Strawberry milk.

4. Starbucks’ frappuccinos.

5. Spaghetti.

6. Peonies.

7. Hydrangeas. 

8. Hot showers.

9. Butlers. Citrus smells.

10. Writing (if you consider what I write worthy of that title).

11. Checking the mail.

12. Christmas holiday/Winter break.

13. Flats (either the shoes or the building type flats works).

14. Short-fur Shih-tzu dogs.

15. Morikubo Showtaro’s voice.

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A Collection of Drabbles - My Sweet Bodyguard Fanfiction (Sora)

Author’s Note: Happy Birthday sonnet009 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧! I hope you like it!

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Make Me ChooseSoji Higashiyama or Shinpachi? - hananotsuki
Yes, yes I did get two people asking me this. And yes I did use it to my advantage.


Make Me Choose: Soji or Shinpachi - nadeshikoshiraishi
Oh yes I went there with the lyrics.


Make Me Choose: Harada or Shinpachi - otomesweetheart

I can’t choose. That’s just nope. Both. Both are good.


rin takes “i’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before” to another level

maiidesuu replied to your photoset “Bwaaahhhhh Reiji came in today and he made it complete!”

Where did you get him 😱 ?

I pre-ordered him from AmiAmi around June! ^_^

Anonymous whispered:
Hello! I've been trying to purchase a route in 'our two bedroom story', well also in '10 days with my devil' and 'my forged wedding'. but for some reason, whenever i click 'buy', nothing happens. i am using a 5th gen ipod touch, with ios about 7, am i don't know what's the problem. any ideas?

Hi there!

Unfortunately, I own an Android device so I’m not sure how helpful I would be about the issue, but I’ll try my best.

Is this your first time purchasing something from Voltage Inc Games or iTunes apps in general? Perhaps try uninstalling the apps and installing them again? I would recommend screen capturing or recording down your Transfer ID first, that way you can keep the CGs you’ve already obtained without having to replay any routes.

Bwaaahhhhh Reiji came in today and he made it complete!