Kuroko no Dash! (黒子のダッシュ)



I found another fan game!!

It’s available for both Apple and Android and unlike Kuroko no Pasugee you don’t need to have your region set to Japan !! (on Android anyways, i’m not sure about Apple since mine is already set to Japan)

↓ Images under the cut 

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Scan from the 誓いのキスは突然に 2012 calendar

More spring dorks!




Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days- opening movie. OP song is This is LOVE by angela.


Profile artwork from the 13Bros. Maniax book. Some brothers had alternate character designs and they’re all just adorable I mean look at how innocent Fuuto looks.

And then there’s Natsume’s other design which would not have done him justice I mean goodness he looks so plain there.

Ha Yusuke’s other design is so funny to me idk man I just can’t imagine the whole series with his hair like that.

But I really am fond of Hikaru and Subaru’s alternate character schemes cause they look pretty neat and would suit them imo.




"TOSHI, are you ready?” “Don’t give me that crap! How are we supposed to “Let’s party!” with those piranhas?!”